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Concern and Care for God's World!

The Outreach Committee has gathered information on a variety of worthy needs in our local and global communities. One of our main tasks is to recommend ministries and programs to the vestry for financial assistance.

Ditty Boxes to the Seamen's Center of Wilmington -- Their mission is to meet the needs of more than 10,000 seafarers who visit the ports in the state of Delaware. The goal is to make seafarers' time in port a rewarding one by providing personal, practical and spiritual assistance. In mid November we make up Ditty boxes. A Ditty box is simply a shoe box that has been filled with assorted items for the personal use of each sailor. Contents include: shampoo, combs, soap, deodorant, chapstick, hand lotion, plaing cards, toothpaste, razors, toothbrush, cough drops, candy, gum, pens, stationery, knitted caps and scarves. Boxes can be personalized with greeting cards and drawings by the children in your family.

Ingleside Senior Service -- Volunteers serve economically disadvantaged women who live alone and who are 85 years and older. Volunteers go into the clients' homes to assess needs and and to connect them to existing community services. They also provide care kits, with items like healthcare products, home security tips, 9-volt batteries for smoke detectors, jumbo pill boxes, button and zipper aids, etc.

Episcopal Relief and Development -- This outreaches to our global community, whereas most of our contributions are directed at local needs. This fund helps people with catastrophic disasters such tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes, terroristic attacks, AIDS relief, etc.

Seamen's Institute of Philadelphia -- Our very own Rev. Jim Von Dreele is the Executive Director of this international seafarers mission serving the human needs of all seafarers in the ports along the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They provide cross-cultural and spiritual assistance to seafarers including land transport, international telecommunications, recreational programs, and work-related and pastoral counseling.

Friendship House -- A six stage empowerment strategy program providing homeless people with a survival network to meet their basic human needs, as well as, a support system to achieve genuine independence and self-sufficiency. It includes daytime drop-in center, feeding programs, clothing ministry, prison outreach, emergency shelter, transitional housing, home base program, mew job program and financial assistance programs for medical assistance and credit restoration. (*Twice a year we have a clothing drive benefiting the Friendship House.)

Sojourners' Place -- This is an organization dedicated to helping homeless men and women return to the community as self-sufficient people. The organization achieves this goal by accepting them into a case-managed program which includes transitional housing with three meals a day; access to services such as substance abuse rehabilitation; mental and physical health care; high-school equivalency diploma; job training; job search and support; housing search and placement; life skills, including money management, time management, stress management, and self-esteem building; individualized programs for people with special needs; follow-up programs for graduates; advocacy for the needs of poor and homeless people in our community and for systemic improvements.

Contact DE - This organization provides five distinct services to the community:

  1. Crisis helplines -- telephone counseling, crisis intervention, information and
    referral services.
  2. Rape crisis -- counseling, accompaniment to emergency rooms, support groups, etc.
  3. SSAAV -- Support for sexual assault adolescent victims
  4. Sexual Assault Network of Delaware -- Voluntary network of law enforcement
    and professionals servicing victims of sexual assault,
  5. Reassurance Contact -- provides daily telephone reassurance and caring human interaction for lonely/dysfunctional elderly and homeless persons. Last year they had about 32,000 calls.

Limen House -- A halfway house for recovering alcoholics, providing a safe, structured shelter, easing the transition from an intensive inpatient environment to the real world. They provide food, shelter, individual and group counseling, and vocational rehabilitation.

The Way Home -- This ministry is designed to help ex-offenders being released from Sussex Correctional Institution and other institutions make a successful transition back into the community. They hope to reduce the rate of recidivism for the participants. The program acts as a go-between the community, Dept. of Corrections, and civic and faith-based groups. Participants are given spiritual support and assistance in finding jobs, housing, transportation and support services in their community.


Emmanuel Dining Room
There are many ways of serving at Emmanuel Dining Room, including actually serving food! Over 600 people are served meals each day! One of our favorite activities is to bake cookies by the 25th of each month.

St. David's offers our building to many community and self-help groups as part of our committment to healing and wholeness.





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