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Vital Statistics

The lives of the people of this branch of God’s family are delineated in six little green books in a file drawer - baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, two of communicants. Contained in several volumes we also have a register of our worship services from the beginning until the present time. There we all are, in one or more of the little green books. To the genealogists of the future, they are priceless records!

The first to be recorded as baptized is: Jean Donovan Morris, female, parents John J. Morris, III and Mary T. Eckles Morris; the sponsors, Mr. & Mrs. Ross Harris and Mr. & Mrs. James Torbet Mullin. The baptism took place on December 5, 1954; the child was born on February 4, 1954, in Wilmington, Delaware. The Reverend J. Seymour Flinn officiated. Recorded to June 30, 1979 there have been 478 baptisms.

The first confirmations are those of Ed and Mildred Bowers and their son, Thomas Russell Bowers. Through March 1979, there have been 695 confirmations.

The first marriage, on December 28, 1954, is that of Patricia Ann Cunningham and Earl Samuel Miller, Jr. The most recent, those of George Mulholland and Joan Valente, and David Dowdy and Doris Zickgraf, are numbers 120 and 121.

The first burial is that of James Eckles Secrest, on September 2, 1954. A number of statistics are recorded and, here and there, some thoughtful people have penciled in “Father of-- Aunt of--,” which will be invaluable in recognizing the part of the parish family to which those persons belonged. The burial on April 23, 1979 of Edith B. Atwood was the 105th recorded for the parish.

Last, and most numerous, is the listing of communicants. Of those from the very first, Betty Harford, Joe and Pat Patterson, Alex and Ginny Fraser, Ellen and Andy Miles, Mildred and Ed Bowers and Dottie McDannell are still with us. If there are others, please forgive the transcriber, as this book is a maze of useful hieroglyphic notations, unfamiliar to the uninitiated. And it is full, by the end of 1975, and goes on to another, reaching a neat 1500 on August 8, 1979 with, God willing, many more to come!

Very few of us were around here at the beginning of the parish, and many of the names are completely unknown to most of us. All the more reason to preserve them carefully, but even more reason to get to know each other better now, while we share this house of God, so that the little green books will be truly the record of God’s family, and not merely a statistical listing of unrelated non-persons.




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