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Introduction to the
50th Anniversary Edition

Dear Reader,

The following is a compilation of memories, recollections and a history of the past twenty-five years at St. David’s. We have enjoyed writing these recollections and hope that you enjoy reading them, as much as we enjoyed writing and planning this memory book.

This book is based upon a similar booklet developed for the 25th anniversary. For those of us who are relatively new to St. David’s, the 25th Anniversary Booklet was an intriguing look into our past, filled with strange names and new stories.

We would like to share with you the opening sentence of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Booklet:

"In 1954 Bishop McKinstry asked about twelve families living in mid-Brandywine Hundred to help with starting a mission church."

This was an amazing endeavor. What makes a group of people commit to starting a brand-new church? Where do they get the drive and energy, while raising growing families and managing the hustle and bustle of regular life? Why not simply join an existing church? According to the booklet, many of the new members were unchurched or from another denomination.

So why an Episcopal church?

It makes us think that there is something special about St. David's -- that the Holy Spirit worked through a unique group of people, people united by fellowship and a mission. Fun people -- the sort that you want have dinner with, or share a bottle of wine with. That original spirit and passion still exists today -- in different people and different ways. We see it in our round-robin dinners, Pat Van Catledge's dramatic services, the artwork, and the music. There is so much talent at St. David's!

We were all called here: to 2320 Grubb Road, to a lot of land donated by James Fraser in 1954. This is our continuing story.

With peace,

The Jubilee Planning Committee: Jim and Janie Jersild, Jeff and Sherry Bennett, Judy Smith, Pat Van-Catledge, Chandra Allred, Steven Weatherman, Janet Cady Leishman, Danny Schweers, Sandy Frazer and the Reverend Gary Rowe





HISTORY: 1954 to 2004



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